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Venturing Westward: Duodyne relocates to Katy, Texas

KATY, Texas – 2012-03-02 – Duodyne Studios, a UK developer of software for Apple's iOS operating system, has relocated to Texas.

Duodyne Studios, LLC is a new US company that will carry forward the efforts of the company formed in 2009 by partnering Chris and David Cooley to work on current and future products.

Existing apps will be re-released under the new company, a requirement per Apple policy. To receive future updates and support, existing customers will need to download new versions of their apps —free of charge— by visiting the US company's App Store page, at:

Minor updates to existing UK apps will be released to inform customers of the change through the App Store's normal update mechanism.

Additional apps are in development and will be made available only from the US company.

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Duodyne Studios, LLC is an independent software company based in Katy, Texas. The company was founded by Chris and David Cooley to combine decades of experience developing end-user software for Mac OS X and iOS, with expertise in digital media and interface design.

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