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Recast Timers

The recast timers feature of FFXI PDA provides you with an at-a-glance status check of your most important job abilities. You can create multiple groups of timers specific to each of your characters, jobs or tasks. Within each group you can mix any job abilities.

Tab bars

Create a timer group

Enter edit mode.

Edit Button

Tap the "Add a new timer group" row to create and name your timer group.

Add new timer group

Add timers to your timer group

Enter Edit mode and tap the "Add new timers" row. Select abilities from any of the jobs lists.

Select abilities

Tap Done to return to your timers list.

Reorder or Delete Lists

Enter edit mode.

To delete: Tap the red circular delete button on the left, then confirm by tapping the Delete button that appears on the right.

To reorder: Touch and hold the reorder mark for a moment, then drag the row to the desired position in the list.

Reorder and delete lists

Tap Done when finished.

Using Your Timers

Tap a timer name to activate the timer. You should activate it just after using the ability in FFXI.

If the job ability has a duration, such as Flee or Mighty Strikes, it will highlight brown and count down until the duration ends.

The timer will then highlight red and count down the recharge time for that ability. If you make a mistake, tap the timer again to reset it to ready.

Special Timers

Enter edit mode.

Special Timers

Dancer “Steps” Timer

This timer tracks a step's daze level and its remaining duration. Tap the timer to increment the daze level and add to the remaining duration.

You can tap again while the timer is recharging to increase the daze level without resetting the recharging time. This lets you track contributions of other Dancers in your party.

To return the timer to Ready, tap the timer's blue reset button.

Scholar “Stratagems” Timer

This timer displays the remaining charges for your Stratagems. Tap the timer each time you use one charge.

The timer recharges one Stratagem charge at a time, returning to Ready once all charges become available.


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