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Version History

2012.07.10 -- Version 2.0

New Feature:

  • Japan timetable: track quests which reset at midnight in Japan


  • Added job timers through level 99 & May 2012 update

2011.05.17 -- Version 1.2

New Features:

  • Dancer “Steps” timer, tracks daze level and remaining duration
  • Crafting Helper with crystal, day and moon information
  • Added new job abilities through Level 90 and the May 2011 update
  • Added timers for all Dancer abilities
  • Miscellaneous fixes and corrections

2010.06.29 -- Version 1.1

New Features:

  • Custom timers! — Modify existing or create your own
  • Easily modify FFXI PDA's ability timers for merits and other adjustments
  • Adjust recast time and duration
  • Set sounds and alerts for when a timer recharges
  • Other info options: elapsed time and date when a timer will become ready
  • Days of Week timetable, with day-specific lists showing a week ahead
  • RSE quest timetable, with per-race lists showing over a month ahead

New Features:

  • Fixed Nashmau ferry timetable
  • Fixed Charm recast timer
  • Added Snarl pet command recast timer
  • Added Ready / Sic pet command recast timer (with charges)
  • Adjustment to Selbina-Mhaura ferry time
  • Fixed missing Carpenter's Landing ferry route
  • Added Carpenter's Landing ferry descriptions: Enfea Waterway and Newtpool
  • Fixed Japanese term for Avatar's Favor and Sekkanoki
  • Fixed clock dials temporary reset after syncing or other low memory situations
  • Fixed timetable's clock cell update after syncing or other low memory situations
  • Fixed time displays for timers in job lists with 0 recast and nonzero durations

2010.03.26 -- Version 1.0.1


  • Fixed Scholar Stratagem recast timer, and added tracking of charges
  • Added Waxing Crescent to upcoming moon phases timetable
  • Fixed incorrect times in upcoming moon phases timetable


  • Added sub-status to timers that track duration
  • Changed Utsusemi timers to better track recast time
  • Improved sorting of job names in Recast Timers jobs list
  • No longer hiding the 12 JP moon phases
  • -- Double-length phases are now split into “early” and “late” (for all waxing & waning phases)
  • Increased number of upcoming moon phases
  • Improved scrolling of Moon Phases timetable
  • Fixed minor display bugs

2010.03.23 -- Version 1.0

Known Issues:

  • The timer for the Scholar ability Strategem is non-functional
  • Future Moon Phases are inaccurate


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